We offer a complete set of tradeshow consulting and coordination solutions - from start to finish. Our Tradeshow consultants can take care of all of your tradeshow and professional conference needs from registration to post show follow-up. We have managed hundreds of tradeshows and events with great success. We can help make your next tradeshow or event an effective one.

Managing a trade show is a daunting task. We can provide total tradeshow solutions by managine all aspects of your next tradeshow:

  1. Tradeshow research: Researching which tradeshows best align with your company goals
  2. Site registration: Working with the venue to optimize your position at your next tradeshow
  3. Vendor relations: Working with various vendors to get the most for your expenditure
  4. Preparation: Getting your equipment, promos, materials and booth ready for the show
  5. Training: Preparing attendees for a successful show to give your company a competitive edge
  6. Attendance: Helping to staff your next tradeshow with a qualified staff while reducing costs
  7. Post-show analysis: Working with your staff to find what works and what doesn't
  8. Follow-up: Ensuring proper follow-up to tradeshow leads

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