We offer full SEO services for all major content management systems (CMS). Understanding how to manage a content management system goes beyond knowing how to login to the user interface; it involves understanding how each plugin, module, and component work in your favor, to utilize every opportunity to correctly optimize your website for search engines.

Make it Active, LLC is an SEO Agency that not only specializes in dynamic content and CMS Search Engine Optimization (with all major systems, including Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, and more), we also specialize in creating custom tools to use for these systems, and have proven procedures to help our customers grow their search engine presence.

No company can guarantee results, and while some do, they often leave their customers regretting the expenditure, or they used black hat techniques that are only temporary, and violate the rules of search engines; thus, creating more of a long term problem (such as being removed from search engines), rather than being successful utilizing methods employed by a professional SEO Agency.

We not only have a 90+% retention rate, we also have a high referral rate; as customers that work with us learn quickly that we not only offer more than the competition, we offer real results, that can be demonstrated with all of our clients. We offer many SEO plans to help increase your search engine presence and grow your business online. We are located in Downtown Dover, NH, minutes from Portsmouth, and Kittery Maine. Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment.