Make it Active, LLC offers full SEO services for all versions of Joomla, from 1.5, to 3.8 (though we hope you're no longer using version 1.5). Understanding how to perform SEO for Joomla is something we have mastered over the past 14 years working with Joomla since it was first released.

SEO involves a set of processes which take time, and involve quite a bit of experience in not only coding and website development, but actual marketing experience. That's what sets us apart from our competitors; years of real world marketing experience - not just design or graphic experience. Our experience goes even further than that. Not only were our developers creating websites since as far back as 1994, but we were the first to implement content management systems such as Joomla, and were discovering its strengths and weaknesses for years, knowing how to help our clients be able to perform well, regardless of the type of system they are using.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization and online marketing, Make it Active is the right SEO agency for your business. Located in Dover, just minutes from Portsmouth, NH, we are ready to help jump start your business for 2018, no matter what platform you are using.