Sometimes businesses and organizations only need short term SEO services to help promote a local event, sale, or cause. In cases like these, it often doesn't make sense to sign up for a long term contract; depending on whether or not the event, sale, etc, will be repeated.

In cases like this, we recommend signing up with our short term SEO services, which provide all of the same services, without the contract. This makes it easy to stop when you need to, while still getting the benefit of temporarily improved ranking for your website. .

We have worked with clients only needing services for a short time, and had no plans for future events, etc., but wanted to ensure that their event was successful. Our non-contract SEO plans were perfect for previous customers, and I'm sure we can help make it work for you.

We also offer SEM and online advertising services to manage your online campaigns, such as Adwords, Facebook, etc., in order to improve the results of your campaign, while not soley relying on the cost of online advertising to help you..

We offer basic and premium non-contract SEO plans to help with your next event or sale. SEO and Online Marketing are the most cost effective marketing strategies to promote an event; going much further than printed media. With Make it Active, LLC, you are hiring a company that knows the correct strategies to help your business grow. We have spent decades helping grow businesses throughout California, and in the past few years, have helped many business in Dover, Portsmouth, and the surrounding areas in New Hampshire learn what real online marketing results look like.

Contact us now to discuss our No-Contract SEO Plans.