As the top SEO agency in Dover, NH, Make it Active, LLC offers Search Engine Optimization consulting services which gives your company the opportunity to utilize our services on a short term basis, while helping you to understand important key factors that will provide long term SEO strategies for success. This provides the chance to learn about SEO, train your staff to better understand online marketing principles, and helps to utilize available company resources to expand your business without solely relying on an outside agency such as ours.

Though of course we would recommend using us for long term SEO services, some companies have their own marketing and website development staff to handle their marketing internally, and want their marketing department to take full ownership of your online marketing strategies. We help in several ways, by providing the following: 

  • Introduction on SEO and how it impacts your search engine rankinig
  • Core staff training on short term and long term SEO strategies
  • Weekly, monthly, or annual SEO evaluation sessions; to analyze growth, and ensure your company is staying on the right path
  • Short term or long term training, and evaluation consultations. We can offer an SEO professional for part time or full time training as your staff is trained
  • SEO and website deployment from a marketing professional; not just an IT professional
  • Ensuring that upper management understands these processes and procedures, to ensure staff accountability

We approach website development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services the way it should be approached; from a marketing perspective with a focus on ROI. Most of our competitors come from design and IT backgrounds, with little to no long term professional marketing experience. Our professionals have had over 25 years experience in both marketing (at Director or VP level), website development, and graphic design. So we cover things that most other online marketing consults do not. 

Our office is located in Dover, NH, just minutes from Portsmouth and Rochester. We regular travel as far west as Brattleboro, VT, to as far north as Bangor, Maine. Our specialized team of online marketing experts can offer the services your company needs to succeed in today's current market.

Contact us and we would be glad to offer an evaluation to determine your needs and how we can play a role in helping your company with your online marketing strategy.