Make it Active, LLC specializes in local SEO services, with the focus of improving website rank for local businesses within their region, and helping to build their business while offering long lasting, and long-term results.

As an SEO agency that deals with local, national, and international clients, there are some dramatic differences in terms of the specialization required to produce results for either of these types of clients that most businesses might not be aware of. For example, when it comes to a national or international business, certain techniques are required to help build and maintain an online presence. The focus is often on specific keywords, and a competitive analysis with similar national or international businesses. When it comes to local businesses, they benefit from more in-depth specialization of their needs by focusing on the particular region, and paying attention to changes to the region.

For example, let's say a downtown area in NH is booming, and a small pizza shop has never done SEO before, or perhaps doesn't even have a website because they never had the competition. With the growth of that particular area, the need to be competitive becomes more important, and is often a choice between doing more marketing to grow your business, or competing in a price war, which can often be a "race to the bottom." People aren't using their phone books anymore, they are using their tablet, cell phone, computer, and sometimes even their TV or speaker to find a local business. So as print advertising dies, the budget for online marketing should be increased, and the need to get more familiar with it grows.

This is why you need someone that focuses on local results, and does everything to help build our business in your region. Whether you sell pizza or insurance, the most important thing is that you are found online locally, and that your business has the ability to compete with existing, or new businesses. For every business that fails to budget for SEO expenses, 2 other businesses are picking up the slack. At this point, even a small store needs to redirect their marketing and advertising budget to local SEO.